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Conclusions End Notes Throughout the history of man's dealings with God's Word, the Holy Bible, few portions of Scripture have suffered from more vigorous assaults then the passage I John 5:7-8, otherwise known as the Johannine Comma.Because this verse is one of the most direct statements of the biblical doctrine of the Trinity, it has borne the brunt of attack by those who are in opposition to trinitarian beliefs, these most often being unitarians such as Muslims and certain of the various pseudo-Christian cult groups (Jehovah's Witnesses, some Churches of God, etc.). The attacks upon this verse have come from all angles.Likewise, this verse is rejected by theological liberals who tend to view the Bible from an entirely naturalistic perspective, and who therefore also reject the doctrine of the preservation of Scripture (Psalm 12:6-7, Matt. The personal experience of this author has mostly been in dealing with Muslims, whose ideas about the Trinity generally hold to the very simplistic and erroneous picture presented in the Qur'an (to see a typical Muslim argument against the Trinity, and this argument dealt with, click here).For the most part, Muslim apologetics on the subject of this verse are simply the plagiarism of large parts of a "foundational" article dealing with this passage found at the Answering Christianity website.Worse, they continue to be propagated uncritically by naturalistic textual scholars like Bruce Metzger and Kurt and Barbara Aland, whose written works routinely perpetuate false information based upon a partial coverage of the evidence available.It is somewhat understandable that those who rely upon information given to them by others (Hiebert, Ryrie, etc.) would repeat the assertions made by textual scholars.

Further, we see that Metzger and the UBS have slighted the actual number of Greek manuscripts which contain the verse. Recently, Daniel Wallace reported that the Comma appears in the margin of #177, though he observes that the addition was made very late, at least after 1551.

Introduction - The Charges Made Against the Johannine Comma The Evidence from the Greek Manuscripts What about Erasmus' Promise?

The Evidence from Other Versions The Evidence of the Patristic Authors Matters of Grammar and Consistency Why Did the Orthodox Writers Not Use This Verse in the "Trinitarian Controversies"?

No ancient version of the first four centuries gives them; nor is it found in the oldest Vulgate manuscripts.

None of the Greek Church Fathers quoted the words contained in this interpolation.

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