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Not even the might of the Hype Machine can determine what the public's tastes are going to be and while it can be powerful, it requires a certain delicacy of touch; trying hard to make someone the Next Big Thing is a very good way of making the public sick of them very quickly.

Still, the very existence of Hollywood and the television industry depends on fresh young talent.

A related term in Professional Wrestling is referred to by fans as "pushed to the moon." Basically, when the people backstage take a particular shine to a new wrestler, they're hyped ("pushed" in wrestling slang) and promoted well beyond their current skill set (both wrestling ability and characterization and ability to cut promos, known as "mic work.") Some can catch up and become superstars, others sadly can't.

Many examples of actors and directors from all folders can be found in "What the Hell Happened?

To book Scarlett Moffatt as a guest or TV personality for your production, contact the Champions Speakers agency via our online contact form.

Alternatively, call a booking agent directly on 44 1509 85 29 2 for more information.

She enjoyed a passionate romance with Richard Cull after meeting on her first reality show venture, Beauty School Cop Outs, in 2013.

She won the sixteenth series of I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! On 24 September 2013 it was confirmed that Moffatt would be appearing in MTV’s new series Beauty School Cop Outs, which follows British and Irish youngsters as they move to a beauty school in Manchester to learn the tricks of the trade.The Hollywood Hype Machine refers to the massive set-up that is in place to create said new stars, or new TV shows, books or movies. Well, the star will linger for a year or two before disappearing, as people wonder "what the hell ever happened to...? At best, they will continue working in indie flicks, low-key studio pictures, and television, and may even be able to mount a comeback later.An aspiring, good-looking young actor, after getting a few noteworthy roles in indie films, TV shows, or their home country under his or her belt, will be chosen by a studio to be the "Next Big Thing" (or "It Girl" if female) and will thus get a major headlining role. Men's/women's interest magazines will be lining up to offer them a sexy photo shoot. At worst, they will be in rehab, unemployment lines, and "Where Are They Now? Sometimes, even if they're successful, the actors may get overwhelmed and suffer public burn-outs, become typecast or too associated with a particular role, or simply reject Hollywood for a normal life.Compare Deader Than Disco, Hype Aversion, Hype Backlash, Music Is Politics.Also compare it to the "star system" employed by the studios during The Golden Age of Hollywood, which this is effectively a modernized version of.

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