Dating divorced dad long distance

The atmosphere was more relaxed than in my previous home.

So much so that my stepmom (she's about 15 years older) and I developed an attraction and started an affair.

Dear Not Shorn, I understand the impulse behind the head-shaving gesture, and maybe your ailing co-worker will be both moved and amused.

It's also possible that he'll feel uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Instead of engaging in battle, you have to be calm, pleasant, and firm.

And unless your boss is wielding a pair of clippers, surely someone in charge would want to know that what should be a private choice is becoming an office-wide hazing.

I feel like karma is giving me what I deserve, but I am scared.Dear Prudie, I have been dating a fantastic woman for almost a year. We moved in together a few months ago and are in the process of looking for a condo.She is wonderful, and, in the abstract, I hope to spend the rest of my life with her.Dear Karma, As Simon and Garfunkel said so eloquently about a similar situation: "Koo koo kachoo, Mrs.Robinson." Not only has this woman had an affair with her stepson and been multiply unfaithful to her husband, she is also an extortionist.

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