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"There is a small minority of Pakistani men who believe that white girls are fair game," she said in a newspaper interview. You can only start solving a problem if you acknowledge it first."In mosque after mosque, this should be raised as an issue so that anybody remotely involved should start to feel that the community is turning on them," she said.Images of the crash showed rising flames and a thick plume of smoke, along with charred vehicles.The tanker crashed near the town of Ahmedpur East, 416 miles south of the capital Islamabad.Abdul Malik, a local police officer also among the first to arrive, described a 'horrible scene,' adding: 'I have never seen anything like it in my life. They were screaming for help.'He said that when the fire subsided, 'we saw bodies everywhere, so many were just skeletons.The people who were alive were in really bad shape.' Many of the victims, who were taken to Bahawalpur's Victoria Hospital in south Punjab, suffered up to 80 per cent burns.

The tanker flipped over on the national highway about 60 miles southwest of Multan.

The Blackburn MP spoke out last year after two Asian men who abused girls in Derby were given indeterminate jail terms.

He said there was a "specific problem" in some areas where a minority of Pakistani men "target vulnerable white girls".

The nearest burn centre is believed to be more than 93 miles away.

Mohammed Salim ran toward the smoke carrying buckets of water and sand but said the heat was too intense to reach those in need.'I could hear people screaming but I couldn't get to them,' he said.

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A big factor in the fun of a one night stand is the thrill of the unknown, and the mystery of something new.

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