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Christina Aguilera is grieving the loss of her beloved Papillon pooch, with whom she shared 17 years of “life’s many ups and downs.” The internationally-renowned songstress posted a moving montage to Stinky via Instagram after the treasured pet sadly had to be put down.

The video shows several intimate photos of Stinky laying in Christina’s closet, snuggled next to pillows, and even sleeping next to her in bed.

In the touching caption which accompanies the video, the “Beautiful” singer pays tribute to her furry friend and faithful companion by calling Stinky her “roadie” and “my 1st baby before I had any babies.” As is seen in the clip, Stinky was featured in several photos with the Grammy-winning superstar throughout the years.

I have a lot of reasons why I would make a great boyfriend; however, I also have a number of things that make me insecure — I have a bit of acne for example.

I’ve received differing advice on how to approach online dating with half of the people telling me to not spend more than 30 seconds on any message because 99% of the women will never respond, and the other half saying I should write nice, thoughtful messages to maximize my response rate. I got my profile critiqued, and I have been told that it is pretty good, yet I’m still not getting any responses!

My profile picture isn’t great, but I rarely get my picture taken, and I don’t want to be one of those people with the self shot mirror pic.

Try to enjoy yourself and spend time only with people who are as cool as your friends.

And remember, each person you approach is a new person – she’s not responsible for all the other rejections. If you knew that was a real possibility, what would you do with your life to make it as awesome and happy and fulfilling as possible?

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Try to spot Intern Paul in the back of the crowd scene at the end!

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