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From its extensive bodywork to its laps and laps of racing experience, this car has been a testbed for all of RWB’s products, and as you saw in my previous feature, it has inspired Porsche owners all over Japan and more recently all over the world.

Nakai-san also told us that he replaced the stock hood with one from a newer Porsche 993.In the photo you can see the rivets which hold on the RWB-original fenders.The giant rear wing is also a custom RWB piece (with a cool RWB mesh logo cutout) and I know it has to help keep the car stable when running through the final sweeper at Tsukuba. The entire car has a very strong emphasis on weight savings and it is highly evident when looking at the car’s exterior.As Rod stated in his earlier piece on RWB, Nakai-san isn’t into washing his cars and he feels that they are best left in their natural state of distress.On the same note, when we asked him if one his new projects would be appearing at Tokyo Auto Salon, he quickly replied with, “I don’t like car shows.” Sitting underneath that huge rear wing is this fully tuned 3.8L engine.

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