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Aerobic exercise such as walking and running may halt dementia by preventing the brain from shrinking, research suggested earlier this month.Being active several times a week maintains the size of the region of the brain associated with memory, a study found.Researchers from the universities of Oxford and Aberdeen analysed 800 Alzheimer's patients across 12 countries.The study's participants received either 100mg or 4mg LMTX tablets twice a day for 18 months.'This newer trial takes a different analytical approach and while we encourage researchers to explore all potential angles in their data there are some issues remaining that mean we cannot interpret this data as a positive result.'These issues include the lack of a strong control group and that the numbers of people who were taking LMTX alone are quite small.Under the deal struck when the court case failed, the families promised not to sue Sanofi Aventis in the future, if their £3.5 million legal costs for preparing the trial were paid for by the pharmaceutical company.

Dissolving these tangles and preventing the formation of new plaques may slow or even halt memory loss in dementia sufferers, the pharma company adds.In dementia sufferers, these proteins clump into plaques, which start in the region of the brain responsible for memory before spreading to healthy areas.This may deprive nerve cells of energy, leading to their death.LMTX contains a chemical, known as methylthioninium, which dissolves these tangles and prevents the formation of new plaques.This could slow or even halt memory loss in dementia sufferers.

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