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Or are you a proud (or struggling) non-drinker on dates? I took a hiatus from this place but I'm itching to get back into the Yelp game. I haven't ever had fun with a girl who doesn't drink alcohol. It's not that I need a girl to be hammered (or even tipsy) to find me attractive and want to ride my pony til the sun comes up.And dating — to say nothing of hooking up — was really hard and a bit awkward at first, without the social lubrication of liquor.(There were a few nights of recidivism.)But I've come to prefer getting-to-know-you sobreity, after years of practice.You're out for the first time with someone you met through Ok Cupid, or maybe while in line at your favorite coffee shop, the place where you grab a latte every morning.You're both at a local bar — a natural setting for a first date.If you're the drinker with a non-drinker, do you feel nervous about the possibility that you might start to get tipsy and seem kind of dopey in front of a sober guy?

I used to think that I was at my best when I was liquored up, but now I prefer myself sober: I think better, I don't say (or do) things I'll regret later, and I handle myself with more sangfroid. Does it put you off or make you feel uncomfortable when the person across from you abstains?You could take a walk in the park afterwards if the weather is good.Go to a Chinese tea house where your food is matched to tea instead of wine.You both just arrived, and you're both pulsating, clearly, with nerves and excitement.A good stiff drink should help to take the edge off, right?

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There are plenty of reasons to have a date devoid of a night’s drinking.

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