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It was afterwards preserved in the Ark of the Covenant. Abif - his father An honorary title given to Hiram, the Tyrian builder.

An alarm of a different character given by the tiler signifies the desire for communication with the Lodge for some other reason.

Aaron - enlightened He was the brother and assistant of Moses, and the first high priest under Mosaic dispensation; hence, he was the founder of the "Aaronic" priesthood.

Aaron's Rod The staff carried by Aaron, brother of and assistant to Moses, as a token of his office which miraculously blossomed as evidence of his Divine choice as High Priest.

For example, the building of Solomon's Temple is described, not for the purpose of telling how that structure was erected, but to suggest boxy men may work together in brotherliness at a common task.

Analogy or comparison; a story told to illustrate a principle.

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He was appointed by Solomon to superintend the contribution towards building the temple, as well as the levy of 30,000 Israelites, to work by monthly courses in the forest of Lebanon.

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