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Please keep in mind the pictures and descriptions are from over 20 years ago.It is likely much has changed and some of these Kings may no longer be alive.From 1988 to 1991, French photographer Daniel Laine photographed 70 African monarchs, “whose dynasties marked the history of Africa until the middle of the twentieth century.” With hundreds of monarchs to choose from, Laine focused on those who continued to “retain a traditional and spiritual authority that is difficult for the Western mind to comprehend.” Laine recalls the difficulties of getting permission for the photographs, the sensitive diplomatic negotiations involved in many cases.A war in Sudan prevented Laine from photographing the king of Shiluk, a descendant of black dynasties that ruled Egypt.The hardcover book (no longer in print) is 160 pages.It was published in 2000 by Ten Speed Press (ISBN-10: 1580082246, ISBN-13: 978-1580082242).He is a descendant of Aido Samba, one of the 42 Kings of Adamawa, who during the eighteenth century carried the flag for the Jihad (holy war) of Ousman Dan Fodio.

There you can also find links to online stores selling copies of the book (both new and used).

When a panther is killed by a hunter, the Fon from Bamileke region are afraid.

Will one of them not perish from the death of his double.

Abubakar Sidiq was not as rich as other sovereigns of this country.

He earned annually about 1 million naira (0 000).

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