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One of the major purposes of a release is still of course to meet a demand in the marked by shipping important features and updates more frequently – but now it also has to be applied in a way that has minimum impact on the existing solution architecture and design.In other words: it will be much easier to upgrade in the future.In fact, Dmitry told me that even though it is still early days, the team is exploring the ways to facilitate automated testing in the next version of NAV will start providing direct support for automated testing.

If not and if I have to use the IFO: is there a documented interface to interpret an IFO file? So, the navpacks are 2048 * n away from each other. You can easily find the last navpack of a VID using Pgc Edit - double click on the movie and look at the Last VOBU Start for the movie that corresponds to VOB ID 1. So is there a chance to jump over bigger amounts than VOBU's without parsing the IFO? can I calculate the end of a whole VOB ID set of all VOBU's without parsing the IFO to find the break over between e.g. And: what is the meaning of nv_pck_lbn Logical Block Number (sector) of this block for a PCI packet?If it was service packs like in windows you would need to install first Sp1, then SP2 and finally SP3.Cumulative updates are built and tested differently, thus cumulative update 3 will also include all changes made in Cumulative update 1 and 2. A great advantage for partners is that they no longer have to go through a comprehensive process of searching for service packs in knowledge-based articles.If you have been through a NAV 2009 - 2013R2 upgrade you know that it is a significant job.However, from version 2013, a new angle has been applied to the solution upgrade release cycle.

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Today when it comes to upgrade and quality each version is as good as another – whether it is a major release or a cumulative update.

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