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“I’ve always felt I was the same person,” she says. This awesome photo shoot was done by the one and only @denniscahlo This wonderful shirt can be purchased at to @quingtux you did an amazing job with these shirts. “There was never really any change; there was just evolving that had to take place. We still love you, and we don’t care.’ And things have been good moving forward.” So good, in fact, that Rodriguez got in the room where it happens to be seen for Hamilton. We like different things about what each other does.The hardest thing is the schedule, especially on the weekends.

“I’ve been getting calls for female and trans roles, hence Hamilton. There was an enhancing that had to take place—mental enhancing, physical enhancing, all those things—but that was specifically for me, and I needed time for myself. What are the chemical changes I’m going to go through? To be quite honest, I was afraid that they would drop me, and I wouldn’t have had anyone to represent me, and I would be struggling again, but fortunately, after I sent the email, they said, ‘What? After uploading a video in which she covers “Satisfied,” the show-stopping song in the first act for the character of Angelica Schuyler—and receiving massive response from friends and over 2,600 views—she attempted to get it in the hands of Hamilton’s casting team. I couldn’t put that in the public eye yet, because I wasn’t ready for the public eye to see it, so I had to take time to myself to figure a lot of things out. It’s a lot of stuff that you have to think about, and I took that time for myself to do my research to know what I wanted to do, and then I just [started] my journey.”Rodriguez reemerged anew, complete with new headshots and a new outlook. “I had finally gotten to a place of being comfortable, and with reaching that place, I also wanted to show that there are trans women out there who can do anything they can put their mind to,” she explains. In August 2014 Allison Case and Ashley Connors got married.Case’s Hair castmate, Andrew Kober, introduced the couple at a rooftop BBQ, and four years later he officiated their marriage.

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