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Being for something is different than being empowered to control it.Our city government is operating well under good, professional management. The riverfront and historic districts highlight the city’s American uniqueness.A trolley system like the kind envisioned on the rail right-of-way once rail relocation takes place is intriguing. Bike lanes are a feature of well-connected towns and cities.We should add as many as we can where we can and as we have the cash.PF: Because some issues are time sensitive, others will not fix themselves by being ignored, and still others need their day in the sun for people to consider.Here are three examples.“Fisher for family” is the focal point of my candidacy because family disintegration here and across the nation leaves a trail of unmet needs and unmet potential whose costs are fiscal, human and vast.Undeveloped land is disappearing, verticality is emerging, natural beauty is vulnerable and the City’s identity is facing a crisis.Our development codes need to reflect our values and our determination to retain our natural beauty and livability.

There is no doubt that drones will be part of our lives and soon.We have a Triple-A credit rating, money in the bank in for emergencies, services that work reliably, and steady, if always behind, infrastructure improvement. Wilmington is the region’s center for the arts, entertainment and commerce.We have much to show for our collective effort, and every reason to feel civic pride.Drone usage for police, state security, and natural disaster assistance is desirable. I believe Wilmington should explore a sister-city-type relationship with Charleston, complete with a mutual aid pact.Our cities go back 300 years with parallel histories. Demonstrating concern for the development of resilient families citywide. Cities in North Carolina can no longer annex at will.

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I say most citizens because there are many whose day-to-day lives are much harder than sitting in traffic for an extra light cycle.

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