Wont boot after updating bios

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Done that, still the same BOOTMGR is missing messege...

ROG Maximus VII Hero I7 4790k ASUS GTX 780 16 GB G-skill ares Windows 7 ultimate x64 Regards Done that, still the same BOOTMGR is missing messege...

Been working on this issue for some time now, changing anything in bios doesent seem to work.

The update seemed to go fine, but when it rebooted it just goes to a flashing cursor and does nothing.

I used my laptop to download the old 2002 BIOS rom put it on a flash drive and used the EZ flash utility in the BIOS itself to flash it back to 2002 but i still get nothing.

Wierd that noone else has this issue with this particular board... Regards Hello Nobody else has this issue because updating the BIOS only affects the boot order.

If the correct boot order has been set and the operating system still will not boot this is not a motherboard issue.

Any ideas on what to do with the lock button being broke (using assistive touch). Have seen ASUS BIOS hang like that after a BIOS reset when it tries to look at some USB devices like a USB flash drive formatted with Ex FAT.Seems to look on them for BIOS files for the EZ-Flash 2 feature but gets confused and hangs.So after updating my bios from 0504 to 1106 my pc just wont boot up.When trying to boot, i get the message saying BOOTMGR is missing, press ctrl alt del to restart.

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